Work in the philosophy of mind and language:

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Editing: Special issue of Inquiry: ‘Linguistic Understanding: Perception and Inference’ with Kim Pedersen Phillips (in preparation).

Work in the philosophy of linguistics and methodology:


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Work in the philosophy of psychiatry:

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Work in psychology:

Kałamała, P. & Drożdżowicz, A.; Szewczyk, J., Marzecova, A., Wodniecka, Z. (2018). Task engagement/strategy may contribute to performance differences between monolinguals and bilinguals: an ERP evidence from the flanker task. Journal of Neurolinguistics, 46, 78-92.


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Work under review or in preparation:

A paper on illusions and linguistic communication

A paper on implicit bias and speaker perception

A paper on linguistic communication in mental healthcare settings

A paper on L1 and LX users